We build healthy school communities.

Experts in school-based restorative justice practices, public policy development and stakeholder engagement & coalition building. 

CRS was established to advance comprehensive restorative justice practices in K-12 schools. Our practitioners provide strategic planning, professional development & training, certification courses, coaching, technical assistance, research & evaluation for educators and schools. Restorative practices are processes that build healthy relationships and a sense of community to prevent and address conflict and wrongdoing. Schools adopting restorative practices are improving academic outcomes and fostering healthy school climate and culture.


Systemic Transformation

Public policy development and issue education

Strategic planning and initiative integration

Whole school or district wide implementation planning

Stakeholder & Coalition Building

Stakeholder engagement planning and facilitation

Professional Development

Training certification courses and workforce readiness development

Healthy School Ecosystems, Better Academic Outcomes, Reduce Suspension/Expulsions and Chronic Absenteeism

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